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Policy & Procedures

Playing Levels

- Players may play up or down a level with Level Director approval.
- Rosters for ages 6-9 will be released in early May.  
- Rosters for ages 4-5 will be release in early May.
- Playing dates / days of the week are esitmates based on availability.
- Fee included participation in Opening Day events

TBall: Pre K (ages 4-5) ($60)
Monday / Wednesday: May 24th - Aug 7

Farm: Grade K - 1 (ages 6-7) ($90)
Monday / Wednesday: May 17th - Aug 7 

Minors: Grade 2 -3 (ages 8-9) ($150)
Tuesday / Thursday: May 18th - Aug 7

Registration Dates:

Farm - Minors: 1/1/17 - 1/31/17

TBall: 1/1/17 - 3/31/17

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping to minimize the cost of baseball for our members! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

RN Handbook

As we grow as a league we continue to evaluate our policies and playing rules.  Their have been some modifications made to our Handbook for the this season.